Integrate Orders
Directly Into Your POS

Centralize Menu Management

Order Errors

Labor Costs

Order Volume

Menu Management

Take control of all your Ordering Platform Menus in one place!

86 items & modifiers

Turn on or off ordering platforms

Manage delivery hours

Add, edit, or delete items

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Which Point of Sale Systems Do We Integrate With? 

* 5 cents per transaction for NCR Aloha POS customers if not on Aloha Essentials program

 Which Ordering Platforms Do We Integrate With? All of Them!



*Direct Integration approved for Enterprise clients, please email hello@itsacheckmate.com to see if your business qualifies


Up to 2 integrations for $85 / mo

Unlimited integrations for $100 / mo

What is Included?

No Setup Fees
14 Day Free Trial
Month-to-Month Contract
24/7 Transaction Support

Increase Revenue, Decrease Costs

No Hidden Fees, No Surprises!

How We Support You 

Customer Service is the foundation in which Checkmate was built on.

You will have a dedicated customer support team available around the clock that is focused on handling your every day needs and questions, whether it’s a menu adjustment, pricing update or order flow issues. Having your own dedicated support channel is something that we have built in response to customer demand, and is changing the way our customers think about service.

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Hear It From Our Happy Customers

“The adoption of digital channels in the restaurant industry has rapidly accelerated over the past few months, and we see consumer demand for online ordering only continuing to grow. ItsaCheckmate is an industry leading solution to seamlessly integrate multiple online ordering platforms, expand guest access to our restaurants, while decreasing complexity for team members”

Paul Brown

Co-Founder, CEO

“Now instead of having the jumble of screens, orders come in and go straight to our POS…labor is reduced, our costs are reduced- [ItsaCheckmate] really streamlined everything and made it a lot easier”

Ivan Orkin


“The ItsaCheckmate integration has been a game-changer for the operations, and overall profitability of my restaurant. My employees no longer have to manually enter or reconcile these third-party orders, which reduces errors and allows me to increase order volume. I have seen at least a 10% increase since using the ItsaCheckmate integration, because now I can be available on multiple ordering platforms without having to manage the tablets and operations for each”

Eddie Martin


“The integration has gone well and proved extremely useful and stable, your team is fantastic at being agile and dealing with problems before they occur. I do a decent amount of consulting in the restaurant technology space and I sing the praises of Checkmate often. As a restaurant operator and lover of tech, I really appreciate the communication and stability the platform provides.”

Kevin M.


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