A smarter way to track and act on restaurant data

Monitor sales, spot trends, and set alerts to optimize your digital program

of your customer data 

in one place
automated reporting and alerts
detailed reports and dashboards


Leverage reports, alerts, and dashboards designed to give your restaurants timely notifications and actionable information on the overall health of your business.

Reports to review ordering trends, canceled orders, and top-selling items
Alerts to notify you about sold-out items, menu changes, and revenue fluctuations
Dashboards to consolidate and track data from different sources in an organized way

Analyze performance and improve the customer experience

Managing multiple restaurants is hard enough. We make it easy to track sales across locations, spot potential issues, and use the data to improve operations.

All your data in one place

Say goodbye to downloading data manually from multiple sources. Integrate and consolidate information from first-party and third-party platforms to better track performance and take action.

Coming Soon

Track operational metrics like feedback, cancellations, refunds, and more alongside performance data.

Build your own virtual assistant

Mitigate the stress of day-to-day operations with timely reminders for crucial tasks and custom alerts that notify you when something is wrong to protect your business from revenue loss.

Discover your bestsellers

Unlock your menu's potential, quickly identify your most popular items by quantity and revenue, and analyze their performance across different ordering platforms.

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