About Us

Checkmate began from a moment of frustration at an airport restaurant in San Francisco, California.

Vishal, our Founder & CEO, waited for his bill as the minutes ticked down until his next flight. With no server in sight, he began envisioning faster checkout solutions using digital payments right from his phone. The idea would go on to be the genesis of Checkmate, a name inspired by the vision to revolutionize how we order online.

Since 2016, Checkmate has expanded beyond integration solutions to tackle challenges facing restaurants, such as first-party ordering, third-party integrations, menu management, accounting reconciliation, loyalty, and more. Our commitment to our customers and adapting our solutions to meet their needs has allowed us to serve a range of customers, from local eateries to large enterprise brands like Arby's and Wendy's.

We believe a thoughtful blend of technology and hands-on support leads to better restaurant outcomes. Our vision is to provide this combination of software and service to every brand so they can scale their digital business with less effort. Looking ahead, our team is not only focused on solving today's problems but on anticipating and addressing tomorrow's challenges. Through our partnership with restaurants, we aim to help expand their digital footprint and build stronger connections with their customers.


Hard Work

We put in the maximum amount of effort in everything that we do in order to get the job done. We are industrious and diligent.


We are devoted and persistent. No stone is left unturned as we work to achieve our team and company goals.


Collectively, we can achieve so much more than we would as individuals. We always support and are supported by the people around us. Achieving our goals is a joint effort.

our story so far

Raised series A funding
Surpassed 1M orders on the platform
Surpassed 10M orders on the platform
Inspire Brands invests as part of Series B funding
Surpassed 100M orders on the platform
Established our Indian subsidary
Launched Reconcile and Refund & Dispute Management
Acquired Open:Tender, our first-party ordering solution
Launched our new kiosk solution


Vishal Agarwal
Founder & CEO
Luke Ivers
Mike Bell
Chief of Strategy
Deven Bhatt
SVP, Finance
James Thiele
SVP, Sales
Kevin Jaskolka
VP, Marketing
Mandar Phadke
VP, India Operations
Carmen Valdivia Venegas
VP, Customer Relationship Management
Sunile Humne
VP, Customer Support & Delight
Ronit Gieske
VP, Quality, Training & Special Projects
Chris Giorgou
VP, Sales Operations
JC Harrington
VP, Direct Ordering
Amit Solanki
VP, Engineering
Arjun Vasan
VP, AI Technology
Chris Lam
VP, AI Products
Robert Nessler
VP, AI Operations
Sreeja Pillai
Head of Human Resources, India
Amy Brown
Head of Human Resources, US