Stress-free refund and dispute management

A smarter way to permanently reduce refunds by 50% or more

average refund rate
immediate refund recovery
permanent reduction in refunds


Unchecked refunds can have a major impact on your restaurant's margins. That’s why we built a solution that goes beyond temporary fixes to automate the refund dispute process so you can recapture sales without lifting a finger.

Results within 30 days
Long-term hands-off solution
Empower operators with refund data
Weekly reports to improve operations

Disputes on autopilot

Have our team manage your disputes to put more money in your pocket. By disputing refunds, we get to the bottom of why they're happening in the first place.

Reduce refunds fast

We aim to recover 75% of refunds in 30 days, significantly reduce overall refunds by 50% within a year, and streamline in-store processes so that disputes become a thing of the past.

Beyond temporary fixes

Unlike typical dispute solutions, we work closely with third-party platforms to build a clear refund matrix and ensure we don’t fly under the radar.

Improve operations with data

Recognizing the lack of essential information at the store level, our reports offer weekly updates to operators, empowering them to make enhancements that reduce unnecessary refunds.

Let’s build your ideal restaurant ordering solution

Whether you want to get started quickly or you need a custom solution, we can help. Set up a call to see how we can support your restaurants.

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