Voice AI for automated phone ordering

Smarter integrated AI solutions to streamline operations, expedite fulfillment, and increase sales


Voice AI built from the ground up using advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) that integrate with the POS, helping restaurants process 95% of voice-ordering scenarios without human intervention.

Faster order fulfillment
Natural language conversations
Smart upsells
Text ordering & payment

Seamlessly integrated

Our expertise in menu management and POS integrations means adding voice AI is straightforward, so your team can focus on more high-value tasks.

Always improving

Advanced upselling suggests the perfect add-on items based on conversion rates and the customer’s order, giving brands a reliable way to increase ticket size.


Interpret vague requests and modifications with support for multiple languages to expand your reach and allow customers to order as they normally would.

Text ordering & payment

Facilitate order placement and secure payments via text, adding another layer of convenience to make ordering even faster.

Hands-on support

Restaurants get the same reliable customer service and 24/7 support to answer questions, resolve issues, and keep operations running smoothly.

Let’s build your ideal restaurant ordering solution

Whether you want to get started quickly or you need a custom solution, we can help. Set up a call to see how we can support your restaurants.

Transparent fees
Simple sign up
Flexible contracts
24/7 support