QR code ordering without the headaches

Make it easy for dine-in customers to browse your menu, order, and pay—no server needed


Scan Order Pay allows in-store customers to easily place orders by scanning a QR code. This drives guests to your custom digital menu, where they can browse it at their own pace and order with minimal effort.

Serverless experience without losing customer connections
Customers can browse the menu without feeling rushed
Faster table turnover times for busy locations
Streamline checkout with Apple Pay or Google Pay

Streamline in-store ordering

Build your menu, create a unique QR code, and sync everything with your POS. With QR code-powered ordering, you can increase efficiency and improve the customer experience without compromising on service.

Personalized dining experiences

Tailor menus with featured items for dine-in customers. Restaurants can build off their existing digital menu with new offers and unique upsells to increase average order values.

Expedite checkout

Nobody wants to wait around just to pay their bill. Now, customers can checkout and pay their tab via Apple Pay or Google Pay without ever having to talk to a server.

Free up staff during busy times

Managing multiple tables can get stressful, especially during peak hours. QR code ordering simplifies the process, allowing staff to serve more customers in less time and keep orders flowing from the kitchen to tables.

Let’s build your ideal restaurant ordering solution

Whether you want to get started quickly or you need a custom solution, we can help. Set up a call to see how we can support your restaurants.

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