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Jan 17, 2024
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Online Ordering Features

How To Set Up With Checkmate?

How Does Checkmate Work?

Maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction with our scalable restaurant ordering systems, transforming your digital operations.

In an industry that's always on its toes, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve. That's where Checkmate’s restaurant ordering system steps in, transforming the way you handle your digital operations. Designed with a focus on customization and customer satisfaction, it makes it easy for your restaurants to integrate branded ordering channels into your existing technology stack. Our ordering system doesn’t just streamline processes; it transforms them completely. Let's take a closer look at what's possible in your restaurant and show you how easy it is to elevate your digital ordering experience, streamline operations, and increase sales.

Online Ordering Features

With customized ordering websites and apps, faster processing, and seamless integrations, you can build brand loyalty, speed up service, increase table turnover, and boost customer satisfaction for your restaurant.

Uniquely Yours

Checkmate allows restaurants to incorporate their brand identity into every interaction. It's a canvas for brand expression, with customizable interfaces and tailored menu displays, ensuring a unique customer experience. Our direct ordering products give you the tools to create a distinct, on-brand ordering journey complete with personalized branding, messaging, and imagery.

Frictionless Loyalty

Checkmate seamlessly integrates loyalty programs, reducing obstacles in the ordering process. Customers can easily earn and redeem rewards while placing orders, encouraging them to return. It improves customer retention by encouraging frequent engagement and building long-term relationships with your brand through streamlined loyalty integration.

Curbside Convenience

With instant order alerts, designated pickup zones, and seamless communication, Checkmate revolutionizes curbside pickup. Customers are notified in real time, ensuring that orders are ready when they arrive. It maximizes convenience by expediting pickups and providing a hassle-free, efficient experience right at the curb, thanks to smooth coordination and clear instructions.

A Complete Solution

Checkmate is more than just an order management system; it's a comprehensive solution that includes customer interactions and more. It tackles complexities while improving overall efficiency by streamlining operations, integrating loyalty programs, and optimizing curbside pickups. It is an all-in-one solution for seamlessly transforming every aspect of restaurant operations.

Deals And Upsells

This platform gives restaurants promotional power. It seamlessly displays deals, recommending complementary items to increase the order's value. It entices customers with strategic upselling prompts and highlighted promotions, increasing average order value while enriching the dining experience with enticing offers and complementary options.

Super Fast (Re)Ordering

Checkmate redefines speed through quick (re)ordering. It enables one-click reordering by leveraging order history and saved preferences, streamlining the process for customers. Access previous orders with ease, customize preferences, and quickly reorder favorites, ensuring a seamless experience.

Even Faster Onboarding

With a seamless setup and integration process, this platform speeds up onboarding. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive tools ensure that restaurant owners and staff adopt it quickly. With guided setup, simple integration, and intuitive features, it speeds up the transition, minimizing downtime and quickly optimizing operations for a smooth start.

How To Set Up With Checkmate?

Setup is simple: sign up, customize your interface, and integrate with your existing systems. With clear steps and responsive support, it quickly gets restaurants up and running, ensuring a smooth transition into improved operations.

Step 1: Add Your Content

During the initial setup, enter menu items, prices, and descriptions into Checkmate.'s user-friendly interface. Easily organize content and ensure consistency across ordering channels. Simply upload or enter details, categorize items, and customize descriptions to ensure consistent and enticing representation across all platforms for seamless customer engagement.

Step 2: Customize Your Design

Checkmate allows restaurants to brand their interface during the customization phase. Color schemes, logos, and aesthetics should be tailored to reflect the restaurant's identity. Easily customize layouts to ensure a consistent and branded experience that resonates with customers, reinforcing the restaurant's distinct identity and increasing recognition.

Step 3: Submit Apps For Approval

Submit developed apps to the respective app stores for approval during this phase. Follow guidelines, submit required documentation, and ensure store policies are followed. Accuracy and adherence to guidelines are critical for approval, ensuring the seamless availability of the restaurant's app across platforms and improving customer accessibility.

Step 4: Launch Mobile And Web Together

The final step entails the simultaneous release of mobile and web versions. Concurrent deployment ensures a consistent experience across platforms. Coordination of releases ensures consistency, allowing customers to interact with the restaurant's offerings seamlessly, whether on mobile devices or through web browsers, increasing accessibility and user satisfaction.

How Does Checkmate Work?

Checkmate works by integrating with a restaurant's systems, receiving orders, and managing them via an easy-to-use interface. It automates order processing, communicates with kitchen staff, and allows for seamless interactions between customers, employees, and the establishment's backend operations.

Customer Places Order

Customers place orders through the restaurant's website or mobile app, using Checkmate's user-friendly interface. They effortlessly select dishes, customize orders, and confirm using user-friendly menus and clear options, ensuring convenience and flexibility in placing orders anytime, anywhere, across multiple digital platforms.

Integration With POS System

Checkmate integrates seamlessly with the POS system, establishing a real-time data link. Customers' orders are instantly transmitted to the POS, ensuring that both systems are up to date. This integration streamlines order processing, improves accuracy, and enables real-time communication between front-end orders and back-end operations.

Order Transmission To Kitchen

This platform quickly sends order details to the kitchen via automated printing or digital displays. When orders are placed, precise details are seamlessly transferred to the kitchen, speeding up preparation. This quick transmission optimizes kitchen operations by ensuring accuracy, reducing wait times, and allowing for efficient order execution without delays.

Menu Management

We make menu management easier by delivering real-time updates across all ordering channels. An intuitive interface allows restaurant owners to easily change items, prices, and descriptions. Changes are instantly reflected across the website, app, and other platforms, ensuring consistency and accuracy and allowing owners to quickly adapt to changing preferences or offerings.

Multi-Channel Order Consolidation

Checkmate excels at combining orders from various online platforms into a single interface. It simplifies management by aggregating orders from various channels and providing a single, streamlined dashboard. This consolidation ensures efficient order handling, minimizes errors, and optimizes operations, all while making it easier to manage diverse online orders from a single centralized platform.

Notification System

Checkmate has a robust notification system that instantly alerts staff when new orders arrive. Staff are promptly informed via audible alerts, visual cues, or mobile notifications, ensuring timely preparation and delivery. This real-time notification mechanism improves responsiveness, ensuring efficient order processing and prompt customer service.

Reporting And Analytics

The analytics and reporting features of Checkmate provide priceless insights into peak hours, order trends, and customer behavior. Through thorough data analysis, patterns, preferences, and performance metrics are revealed, enabling restaurants to make well-informed decisions, optimize their operations, and customize their strategies to effectively and profitably meet customer demands.

Upgrade Your Restaurant’s Digital Experience!

If you're committed to transforming your restaurant's digital experience and want expert support to get you started, consider Checkmate. With its real-time notifications, comprehensive analytics, and intuitive reporting, our platform can help streamline your online ordering operations, better understand customer behaviors, and empower your restaurant to make smarter decisions. Book a demo with us today!

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