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Jun 5, 2024
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How to Maximize Catering Sales with Checkmate

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Checkmate's Catering features and how they help restaurants

  • Custom menus
  • Advanced order management
  • Third-party delivery integrations
  • Billing & payment
  • Hands-on support

Picture this: you're a restaurant owner who's been watching catering’s rapid growth, surpassing $72 billion as of 2023, and you see an opportunity to capture some of this demand. But as you explore your options, you realize most of the catering solutions on the market are missing features you need.

With more people returning to the office, the demand for comprehensive catering options has never been higher. However, to truly capitalize on this opportunity, restaurants need a catering solution that can keep up with their unique needs and challenges.

At Checkmate, we designed a catering platform specifically for enterprise restaurants that not only gives your team all the features you want but also lets you customize every aspect of the solution. With a suite of powerful tools, you can empower your team to streamline their catering operations, boost sales, and deliver a more memorable ordering experience.

Let's explore the unique capabilities of Checkmate's Catering solution and how some of the most important features directly help your restaurant drive sales:

Checkmate’s Catering Features

Custom menus

Provide a unique set of offerings to customers placing large-order customers. 

How it helps restaurants: Custom catering menus allow you to showcase your most profitable and popular dishes, increasing the average order value and driving revenue growth. By highlighting items that are specifically designed for catering, such as family-style meals or boxed lunches, you can entice customers to place larger orders. Additionally, featuring upsell options like beverages, desserts, or add-ons can further boost sales and maximize your catering potential.

Advanced order management

Real-time order tracking, smart routing, and the ability to make last-minute changes. 

How it helps restaurants: Advanced order management features directly contribute to increased sales by ensuring order accuracy and timely fulfillment. Real-time tracking allows you to monitor orders from placement to delivery, reducing the risk of errors and improving customer satisfaction. Smart routing optimizes your catering operations, enabling you to handle more orders efficiently and maximize your kitchen's output. The ability to accommodate last-minute changes helps you capture sales that might otherwise be lost due to customer requests or modifications.

Seamless third-party integrations

Work with delivery platforms like DoorDash Drive, Relay, and Uber Direct. 

How it helps restaurants: Seamless integrations with popular delivery platforms expand your reach and tap into new customer bases, driving incremental sales. By leveraging these partnerships, you can offer your catering services to a wider audience without the need to invest in your own delivery fleet. This increased exposure and convenience can attract new customers who may not have otherwise considered your restaurant for their catering needs, ultimately boosting revenue.

Advanced billing and payment tools

let you offer branded invoicing, implement custom fees, and create house accounts. 

How it helps restaurants: Advanced billing and payment tools streamline customers' purchasing processes, increasing the likelihood of repeat business. Branded invoicing adds a professional touch to your catering services, enhancing your restaurant's reputation and credibility. Custom fees allow you to manage costs effectively and maintain profitability, while house accounts simplify the ordering process for frequent customers, encouraging them to place more catering orders with your restaurant.

Access to expert support

24/7 help from a team of catering industry veterans. 

How it helps restaurants: Checkmate's expert support team provides valuable guidance and insights to help you optimize your catering strategy and drive sales. By leveraging their industry knowledge and best practices, you can identify opportunities to improve your catering menu, pricing, and promotions. This expert advice can help you make data-driven decisions that maximize your catering revenue and ensure the long-term success of your program.

All these features and more are available from day one, so you can hit the ground running. With Checkmate, your restaurant can maximize its catering potential and create a compelling program that sets you apart from the competition. Brands who use Checkmate get the latest technology, plus a trusted ally who is dedicated to your success.

If you're ready to explore the capabilities further, we can set up a custom demo of how our solutions will fit into your existing tech stack. Let’s connect and help you start maximizing your catering potential!

Jared Castronova
Head of Marketing Communications
With over 7 years of experience in the restaurant technology industry, Jared has been creating content that breaks down complex concepts into clear, actionable strategies that empower restaurateurs to drive growth in a digital-first market. Jared's perspectives resonate with industry leaders, making him a go-to voice for harnessing technology to achieve a competitive edge.

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