Seamless integrations and tailored customer service helped boost digital orders by 22%


SoBol is a healthier quick-service restaurant brand with 60+ locations nationwide. Their blend of speedy service and fresh ingredients allows for fun and memorable experiences. In 2013, avid surfer Jason Mazzarone opened one of Long Island's first acai bowl and smoothie-focused cafes with one goal: To provide a delicious yet healthy product while improving the day of every customer who walked in the door. That model has stayed true to the success of SoBoL as it continues to be a leader in the acai bowl franchise space.


in online order volume


order cancellation rate


increase in store ratings


When SoBol started vetting third-party solutions, they were primarily looking for software to save time with accounting and order reconciliation. For their franchisees, it was vital to have an accurate financial overview of in-store and online order activity.

After meeting with multiple providers, they decided to partner with Checkmate. SoBol saw the value in an approach that emphasized scalable technology combined with hands-on 24/7 support. Additionally, knowing they weren’t locked into multi-year contracts gave them the confidence to move forward.


SoBol has seen order accuracy improvements across the board. Menus are updated when changes are made in the POS, and restaurant hours are synced on all platforms, ensuring customers are never surprised by a closed location.

Removing manual order entry improved order accuracy and reduced labor expenses. SoBol can now:

  • Auto-accept orders
  • Notify their team when a location is offline
  • Send complete orders to the POS

Franchisees no longer struggle with:

  • Concerns over malfunctioning tablets
  • Employees pausing platforms or denying orders
  • High dispute rates from order errors

Employees have more time to focus on improving the customer experience, and managers feel empowered to proactively identify issues. The team is backed by reliable service, which continues to be the biggest differentiator. Issues are addressed quickly, and meetings are held weekly to listen to questions.

Using Checkmate has been a transformative decision for SoBoL. This partnership has not only increased our productivity substantially but also enhanced our brand unity and order accuracy. It's a game-changer in how we manage and streamline operations

Kryssa Baldi
Director of Administration

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