Kiosks that convert

How to create custom digital in-store experiences that drive sales

Wednesday, July 24, 2024
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

What we'll Cover

Unlock the potential of custom kiosk experiences

Join Checkmate and Retail Tech, Inc. to learn strategies for increasing sales and order values through branded interfaces, personalization, and thoughtful hardware implementation. Plus, you'll receive a guide to kiosk implementation, from menu integration to launch, to ensure your rollout is a success.

Using custom kiosks to increase sales and order values
The power of upsells, personalization, and branding
Best practices for implementing kiosks
Benefits of using a unified platform to connect kiosks with other ordering channels
Exclusive content to use after the webinar

Presented by

Chris Mickey
Solutions Engineer
Chris has lived and breathed restaurants his entire life. The son of a restaurateur, he spent 18 years in restaurant operations and the last 5 in restaurant tech. Chris has worked for top restaurant tech companies, including SpotOn, Olo, and now Checkmate.
Tony Rampacek
Director of Hardware Product Development
Tony's expertise lies in hardware development, product management, and technical support. With 32 years in the industry, he’s passionate about solving complex challenges faced by restaurants to ensure they provide the best customer experiences.
David Eash
Sales Engineering Executive, Retail Tech, Inc.
David has over 20 years of experience working with retail solutions with expertise in technical sales support, solutions architecture, hardware, software, networks, systems management, and operating systems. Prior to RTI, he worked at both IBM and Toshiba.