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May 25, 2022
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Why Restaurants are Investing in 3rd-Party Delivery Integration

Article Outline

- Eliminate Delivery Tablets & Improve Order Accuracy
- Reduce Labor Costs
- Grow Revenue & Diversify Income Streams
- Simplify Menu Management
- Why Choose Checkmate for your all-in-one POS integration needs?

Technology plays a key role in modern restaurants, but even with all of the gains made around inventory management, process automation, POS systems, and digital delivery technology - the prior era has largely been marred by fragmentation. For operators looking to get their intended value out of the technologies that they invest in, utilizing an integration platform provides a way for a restaurant's marketplace tech stack to work cohesively together by syncing all of their chosen apps with a restaurant's existing POS system.

POS integration tools take the digital orders that come in from catering, 1st party, and 3rd party apps like EZcater, ChowNow, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub and eliminate the need for an employee to manually transfer the orders into the restaurants POS system.  Not only does this eliminate the risk of human error made when transferring the order, but it also helps automate and simplify a restaurant's workflow.

As digital ordering becomes a consumer expectation, modern restaurants will need to go all in to gain and maintain their markets share.  This article covers the benefits gained from restaurants that utilize a marketplace and POS integration tool like ItsaCheckmate:

Eliminate Delivery Tablets & Improve Order Accuracy

Many restaurants find training new hires on how to effectively manage their various 3rd party delivery tablets to be an ongoing challenge.  This is because while each tablet's operation and features are similar to each other, they are just unique enough that they become hard to master and manage effectively at scale.

Transferring the online orders received requires otherwise busy staff members to notice the order came in, divert their attention away from in-house guests, and manually transcribe the incoming order into the restaurant's POS system in a timely fashion.  Restaurants often find that this manual process is managed inconsistently over time - which results in customer and delivery driver complaints about the accuracy of the order, the freshness of the meal, and the order being ready for delivery in a timely fashion.

Along with eliminating the average 5% human error rate when manually transferring orders, an added bonus that an integrated digital ordering ecosystem brings is the elimination of delivery tablets, which simplifies employee training and declutters a restaurant's countertops.

“ItsaCheckmate streamlined third-party delivery orders by integrating them with our Revel POS system. We no longer have to monitor multiple tablets and manually accept orders, or deal with order entry errors on the part of our staff.”

  • Tinku Saini, CEO of Tarka Indian Kitchen

Reduce Labor Costs

As restaurants struggle to hire and retain their staff, an added bonus of an integrated ecosystem is not only that simplifies and automates your restaurant's processes, but it also reduces overhead. Instead of having an extra employee on hand to accept and manually transfer online orders, the restaurant pays a flat $100 monthly fee – Which on average saves restaurants $247/mo per location.

“We can now do more with the staff we have by reducing staff during all but the busiest in-store times. As you know, it is critical these days to get and keep as many customers physically in your door as possible. Having an integrated solution keeps our cashiers focused on the guest in front of them.”

  • Zino Carr, Growth & Operations Strategist at Garden Catering

Grow Revenue & Diversify Income Streams

As marketplace integration eliminates the challenges typically associated with simultaneously accepting and managing orders from multiple sources, restaurants are now able to utilize multiple dedicated apps for their to-go, in-house delivery, and third-party delivery orders with ease.

This allows the restaurant to retain a larger percentage of its revenue and helps them increase its market share by being able to utilize multiple local, regional, and national ordering platforms appropriately without complicating its employee's workflow.

My employees no longer have to manually enter or reconcile these third-party orders, which reduces errors and allows me to increase order volume. I have seen at least a 10% order increase because now I can be available on multiple ordering platforms without having to manage the tablets and operations for each.”

– Eddy Martin, Franchise Owner of Jets Pizza

Simplify Menu Management

Routine tasks like updating out-of-stock items, changing modifiers, updating availability, or simply updating menu item images can now be completed with ease.  Instead of having to log in to each platform individually and waste time making the same updates multiple times over - with an integrated system all changes made within a restaurant's POS will be synced automatically to all of the restaurant ordering platforms.

Especially for operators managing multiple locations, the analytics and accounting reconciliation capabilities gained by integrating their systems proves to be invaluable.  Operators also appreciate the ability to adjust an item's price automatically based on the platform it is being ordered from, which helps offset the fees incurred by the 3rd-party delivery apps.

“Partnering with Checkmate has proven to be a domino effect of great benefits, including increased sales without adding operations complexity, enhanced menu management capabilities, and next-level service with an attentive and responsive support team.”

– Abbey Ramsey, Marketing Director at DRM Inc. (Arby’s)

Why Choose Checkmate for your all-in-one POS integration needs?

  • Eliminate the need for manual order entries by automatically sending all digital orders straight to your POS system, allowing your kitchen printer to receive the order with all of its modifiers and notes without delay or errors - all in the same format as if your staff had entered it themselves.
  • Create an integrated ecosystem that shares data between operations, bookings, and accounting giving you actionable insights into your sales reporting, menu engineering, food costs, and social/email marketing.
  • Integrate DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, GrubHub, and 50+ additional digital channels for $115/month, with no setup fees and no long-term contracts.

Whether for on-premise, to-go, or delivery, providing your customers with an exceptional and consistent customer experience on every order received from your restaurant leads to long-term customer retention and improved order frequency.

Being able to be on multiple marketing/delivery platforms without increasing your employee’s workflow allows for greater market penetration.  This leads to our average customer experiencing a 39% increase in their delivery orders within their first year of services with Checkmate.

Checkmate makes managing your online menus and growing your delivery revenue easy.  We can have you onboarded in about a week and offer 24/7 support should you ever need any assistance.

See for yourself. Try the leading POS Integration tool for free!

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