5x reduction in IT hours required to manage digital menus


With a portfolio of nearly 200 locations and brands including Beef ‘ O’ Bradys and The Brass Tap, FSC Franchise Co. provides local hubs for their community and turn-key support for their franchise operators.


digital orders processed


reduction in labor hours managing digital menus


Franchise operators previously struggled to launch and manage locations on multiple delivery providers. Managing delivery orders via multiple tablets was leading to menu errors and order delays, requiring extra staff to reliably manage everything.


  • Faster delivery times and reduced errors across all locations
  • Unified menu management for all delivery platforms
  • Digital sales growth thanks to a more streamlined ordering process regardless of where customers ordered
  • Dedicated account manager to provide their team with faster issue resolutions

Having a system that we don’t constantly have to interact with and just works seamlessly day-to-day is invaluable all the way from the IT department to the customer level. Our department manages numerous systems for our franchise operators. It's a huge benefit having one like Checkmate, which never has issues - It just works

Jason Saposnik
VP of Information Technology

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