8 new virtual concepts launched in just 18 months


Happy Chicks is a pioneering restaurant reimagining chicken dishes. They have curated a cheerful and cozy ambiance through dynamic decor and music, offering diverse chicken creations that invite individuals and families to relish imaginative and delicious meals.

In addition to its primary chicken concept, Happy Chicks boasts multiple virtual brands alongside its brick-and-mortar locations. These new concepts allowed Happy Chicks to expand its offerings to include burgers, health-focused options, and more.


Happy Chicks had ongoing problems managing their online menus and orders, making it hard to grow. The brand initially used another POS integration company but struggled with connectivity issues, resulting in inaccurate sales tracking that hampered its ability to grow.

Looking to enhance their digital infrastructure, Happy Chicks explored alternative solutions that could help them reliably scale. Ultimately, they chose Checkmate for its feature-rich product offerings, enterprise-grade infrastructure, and 24/7 customer support.


  • Introduced 8 new virtual concepts in just 18 months
  • Leveraged Checkmate’s real-time reporting to pinpoint issues and address them before they had an impact on the business
  • Proactive alerts to inform restaurants when a third-party platform experienced downtime so they could take action

The Checkmate portal is truly remarkable. Technical issues are a rarity, but when they arise, I am instantly alerted and provided with a comprehensive understanding of the problem. The responsiveness of Checkmate's support team is unparalleled; they quickly grasp and resolve any issue. Their user-friendliness extends to even those who are not tech-savvy like myself. The onboarding process was seamless, and their technical support is exceptional.

Sarah Mancilla

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