Marketplace Developer Onboarding

Fill out this form with your company information and features your platform intends to utilize through this integration.

Only submit this form if your team is ready to start the integration process and has two months to devote to completing everything.

There are two types of integrations:

  • Ordering Platforms: Get locations' menus from us and send orders back to us based on those menus.
  • Order Receivers: Receive copies of orders sent to locations' POS systems. This could be for last-mile delivery, loyalty, or other use cases that involve receiving live order data.

Review our API documentation to ensure the currently supported features meet your company's needs. If you have any questions, contact us at

Checkmate OpenAPI Documentation

Provide a brief description of what your product offers
Our integrations only support restaurants based in the US. Confirm this is what you are planning to use Checkmate for.
To access our Developer Portal and Sandbox Menu Management Portal, we will create a single account you can share with your team. This account should be created using the email address of whoever is in charge of the integration.

If you are an Order Receiver, you will only be granted access to the Developer Portal, as Menu Management access is not needed.
We will create a Slack channel and an Asana project to manage tasks and test cases. In addition, we will create an email list to send notifications to developer teams.

Provide a list of emails that should be given access to these tools.
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