Here’s what our customers have to say

“Heartland Direct Sync by ItsaCheckmate is like hitting cruise control. Updates are seamless, syncing to the delivery platforms takes just a minute or so, and now adding a new menu item and getting it on Uber is one simple process instead of a multi-step and multi-platform nightmare. Being able to have more control over exactly what syncs to our delivery platforms without having to rely on any third party takes the guesswork out of menu changes. Now our hosts can focus on what really matters, welcoming and assisting our guests, instead of having to be a data entry specialist during our peak hours! ItsaCheckmate is one of the best examples of a technological solution that actually saves you time and is worth every penny.”

– Just Good Company

Eric Bloomquist

“Partnering with ItsaCheckmate has proven to be a domino effect of great benefits, including increased sales without adding operations complexity, enhanced menu management capabilities and next-level service with an attentive and responsive support team. Our team has gained multiple efficiencies throughout the entire process; from the ease of integrating and managing several platforms to the final step of accurate reconciliation.  Simply put, ItsaCheckmate delivers on their promise in a big way.”

– Abbey Ramsey

drmarbys.comDirector of Marketing, DRM Inc. (Arby’s Franchisee)

“The adoption of digital channels in the restaurant industry has rapidly accelerated over the past few months, and we see consumer demand for online ordering only continuing to grow. ItsaCheckmate is an industry leading solution to seamlessly integrate multiple online ordering platforms, expand guest access to our restaurants, while decreasing complexity for team members.”

– Inspire Brands

https://inspirebrands.com/Paul Brown, co-founder and CEO

Now instead of having the jumble of screens, orders come in and go straight to our POS…labor is reduced, our costs are reduced- [Checkmate] really streamlined everything and made it a lot easier

– Ivan Ramen

https://www.ivanramen.com/Ivan Orkin, Owner of Ivan Ramen

“The ItsaCheckmate integration has been a game-changer for the operations, and overall profitability of my restaurant. My employees no longer have to manually enter or reconcile these third-party orders, which reduces errors and allows me to increase order volume. I have seen at least a 10% increase since using the ItsaCheckmate integration, because now I can be available on multiple ordering platforms without having to manage the tablets and operations for each.”

– Jet’s Pizza

https://www.jetspizza.com/Eddy Martin (Owner)

Your service bridged the gap for us to remain competitive, and your team was OUTSTANDING in the sales, onboarding, and service delivery process that differs from other providers that I reviewed. This is exactly the reason we chose Checkmate over unnamed others….Support is paramount to us because it’s something we go above and beyond to provide our clients, and it’s the primary reason we can compete with others in the market. Our service demeanor and respect in our business dealings really is our niche, and it’s exactly what we expect from our partners as well, and your team delivers it!

– Bill M.

Technology Partner

“The integration has gone well and proved extremely useful and stable, your team is fantastic at being agile and dealing with problems before they occur. I do a decent amount of consulting in the restaurant technology space and I sing the praises of Checkmate often. As a restaurant operator and lover of tech, I really appreciate the communication and stability the platform provides.”

-Noosh SF

https://www.nooshsf.com/Kevin M. (Noosh, SF)

“It is shaping up to be a game changer for Garden Catering. Our four Brink stores combined average around 1,200 orders per week on UberEats alone. Once we moved on to integrating DoorDash, GrubHub and Seamless, and adding 4 more Brink stores, the number went up considerably in the thousands. Vishal and his team built this out incredibly fast, and have really taken their time to understand the nuances of the Brink API in order to make sure things go smoothly out of the gate. After the implementation, at our manager meeting, we discussed a new ideal labor schedule that we’ve built for each location, and this new capability is going to help us shave probably half a point in FOH/Cashier/Expo labor $. We can now do more with the staff we have, reduce staff during all but the busiest in-store times. As you know, it is critical these days to get and keep as many customers physically in your door as possible. Having an integrated solution keeps our cashiers focused on the guest in front of them.”

– Garden Catering

www.gardencatering.comZino Carr (Growth & Operations Strategist at Garden Catering)


“I’ve been using the service for about 6 months. Before it’s a checkmate we used to have a lot of inconsistencies and errors in our orders. We had to train our team members how to read 4 different printouts. Managing different tablets was very challenging.  For a small monthly fee we have consistent tickets plus we have real time sales reports.”

– La Calle Tacos

www.lacalletacos.com/Ramon Soriano (Co-Owner)

“Since partnering with “It’s a Checkmate”, Vishal and his associates have helped us streamline our online order taking and significantly increase our overall efficiency. It has been a seamless transition, thanks to a strong and knowledgeable support staff with 24/7 availability.  All this at a very competitive price point make “It’s a Checkmate” a great company to team up with. “

– Calibur

www.calibursf.com/Sean Patrick (Co-founder)

“I am a restaurant owner who as you know have to deal with so many things daily. I am happy to say that working with Checkmate brings me a great pleasure. Immediate support although rarely needed, seamless integration which means no extra payroll or man made errors. It is a plus for my business and it helps me increase the revenue by greatly by paying only a small monthly fee.”

– Pizzeria La Gitana

www.pizzerialagitana.com/Marian Licxandru (Manager)

“We cannot speak highly enough about this company. Their quick, thorough, and attentive customer service made what had become a tangled mess (we use five online order platforms) into a seamless revenue stream. When considering labor costs these days, their pricing structure made this move a no-brainer. Their knowledge of our POS system, and relationships with the POS company made the back-end integration easy; they did all the hard work! In short, Its a Checkmate created the solution that all of us restaurant operators joked about creating ourselves, but does it better and cheaper than we ever could have.”

– Sweetfin

www.sweetfin.comChristopher Ondaatje (Regional Manager)

“At first I wasn’t sure abut Itsacheckmate as a service. I thought about all the things that could go wrong and was it something we really needed or another shiny penny being presented to our restaurant. What convinced me to give it a try was the professionalism of the team and their ability to just handle every aspect of the process. These people have really done their homework on every pos system they integrate with. I would go as far as saying they know the POS systems better than the reps of the POS themselves! I found myself calling Itsacheckmate instead of my POS support with questions because I knew they would get me answers instead of the runaround. By our third integration I didn’t even get involved and they handled all aspects of it seamlessly. Hats off to Vishal and his team for running a great company. What keeps me using the service is the realization after several months of using them  that without ItsaCheckmate we would be taking big step back in time like when we used to use paper tickets. ItsaCheckmate is a need not a want. “

– Rise Pizzeria

www.risepizzeria.com/Omid Zaheri (Co-Founder)

“Itsacheckmate.com has saved us time on our online ordering process. It streamlines part of the operational aspect of our to go process in a systemic matter which was key for us. For the price it pays for itself. The customer service support is attentive, knowledgeable, and resolves technical issues immediately to ensure you can concentrate on the bottom line. “

– Buffalo Theory

www.buffalotheorysf.com/Gil Hoh (Co-Founder)

“Checkmate really solves one of critical issues in our operations. A rising percentage of revenues come from online deliveries and we need to be on multiple platforms (each with their own tablet!). With Checkmate we have virtually eliminated order errors and reduced staffing. They will work with you to solve problems unique to your operations. Can’t beat customized solution at an off-the-shelf price! I can’t say too many good things about the team, Vishal and his team will take care of you!” With Checkmate, we don’t have to think about adding another delivery service operationally. They handle it without any changes to the workflow at our end. Great responsiveness and reporting.”

– The Kati Roll Company

www.thekatirollcompany.com Anil Bathwal (Managing Director & Executive Chef)www.linkedin.com/in/anil-bathwal-1643131/

“Hope you have been well and wanted to thank you again for making our transition experience to Checkmate so seamless.  As you know, we had been using another company initially with our Revel POS system to integrate all the different online ordering/delivery companies.  We have a small store and the thought of having every delivery companies ‘tablet’ on our counter was a deterrent to add delivery service at all!  Initially we found out about the other company and worked to integrate it.  After several months, we were still having major issues with getting it to work properly or even just getting it to work the same for all delivery/ordering services.  Until the day we left them, we continued to have problems and the cost was significant.  After commissions from the delivery service and then the other company’s commission, it leaves so little that we were considering doing away with it all together.    I heard about Checkmate through my partner who read about Checkmate online.  First of all, Checkmate is extremely responsive with questions and concerns.  I receive feedback generally within 24 hours if not within minutes of my inquiry.  At first, we were having issues with the other company in the way the orders from DoorDash were printing out.  Only happened with DoorDash and not with the other services we were using.  The print out was not at all like the way the order is input by the customer and made it very difficult for our servers to make and get the order correct every time.  For a while, I was on the phone daily with the other company, DoorDash and Revel and no one knew what to do.  I’m not really sure how your team did it, but once we started with Checkmate, that problem no longer existed for us.  Essentially, we have never had a problem since the day we went live…. Period!  On top of that, the pricing is a very reasonable flat rate per month regardless of the number of orders and the number of services we have.  Don’t know how that is possible…. But THANK YOU! “

– Poke Bowlz

www.pokebowlz.comMichael Son (Co-Owner)

“Checkmate is the best API service we’ve found. They were able to come in to our business and integrate platform after platform with few, if any, errors. Our previous partner wasn’t able to accomplish this in 6 months, but it only took Checkmate a day or two. They’re incredibly responsive, and if a complex issue arises, they will go to any length to get it resolved, even if the problem isn’t actually in their software. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about their services. And if you’re a high volume establishment like we are, their flat-rate pricing makes them more cost effective as well. “

– 1100 Group (Little Star Pizza)

www.1100group.comSusannah Blumenstock (Chief Personnel Officer) www.linkedin.com/in/susannah-blumenstock-aa528b52

“We were referred to Vishal by a professional accountant in our industry, and it was a life changer. We get tons of orders for our 5 locations. We never entered the online order in our POS due to the volume. Itsacheckmate, made a huge difference. One of the most important things for us was accounting and Checkmate’s solution made sure our numbers between our 3rd party platforms Seamless & GrubHub matched exactly with what we had in Toast. Getting these numbers in Toast also helped us do very accurate costing, product mix and hourly analysis. A perfect integration to our newly installed Toast. Vishal is available to take our calls and come on site as needed. A great customer service and unique communication. Thank you Vishal! “

– Naya Express

www.eatnaya.comHady Kfoury (Founder / CEO) www.linkedin.com/in/hady-kfoury-87a8a92a

ItsaCheckmate has been a great partner for Tarka, helping us streamline third-party delivery orders by integrating with our Revel POS system. We no longer have to monitor multiple tablets and manually accept orders, or deal with order entry errors on the part of our staff. When we have issues, ItsaCheckmate is quick to get back to us and resolve the problems, with each of our locations having a direct line of contact to their Support Team. We are also looking forward to the rollout of their menu management system, which promises to make it much easier to update our menu across our third-party delivery vendors. Vishal and his team have been wonderful to work with and we really appreciate that our input is taken seriously as they continue to work on improvements to their platform.

– Tarka Indian Kitchen

www.tarkaindiankitchen.comTinku Saini (CEO & Co-Founder)

“Working with Itsacheckmate has really been a life saver when dealing with 3rd party delivery platforms. Operationally, Itsacheckmate has not only helped streamline our order making process, but has also helped increase the accuracy of our orders. As a QSR, speed of service is very important to us. Often times when making the order with the tablet, we are only able to make one order at a time and often lose our place (scrolling) when there are multiple items in an order. Itscheckmate completely eliminates this issue with quick, easy to read tickets. More importantly, we are now able to achieve efficiency in 3rd party orders with minimal impact to our in-store operations. Itsacheckmate has also helped simplify our accounting. With all of the orders now integrated into our Revel POS system, we are able to get accurate reports on all of our 3rd party platforms from one single view. Prior to Itsacheckmate, our accountants would have to gather sales individually for each 3rd party platform. With one or two 3rd party platforms, this may seem manageable, but with many more platforms, it becomes very cumbersome to collect all of the data. Some platforms have portals to log into, others only send sales information via email that you would have to dig up. It becomes a mess and is very time consuming to perform these tasks regularly. Since our Revel POS system is also integrated into our accounting system, we are now able to get 3rd party sales directly into our accounting system. We have been working with Vishal and his team at Itsacheckmate. They have been very accommodating and are always responsive to our requests. Their team was able to work directly with our store managers to ensure everything was set up correctly and working properly. Their knowledge and familiarity with our POS system really helps expedite resolutions to any issues we encounter. I would definitely recommend Itsacheckmate to any restaurant that is using 3rd party delivery platforms. These 3rd party delivery platforms are still considered fairly new, and Itsacheckmate is the perfect solution that lets us do what we do best which is operating our restaurants efficiently and providing excellent customer service.”

– Pokeworks

http://www.pokeworks.comKasper Hsu (Managing Director)